Campuses are responsible for the safety and security of everyday occupants such as employees, contractors, maintenance staff, visitors and delivery personnel.

Existing security and access control solutions are insufficient in providing real-time situational awareness.

Video surveillance solutions don’t provide 100% premise coverage.

Visitor management solutions are focused on entry authorization for the lobby but are inadequate in monitoring visitors throughout the duration of stay.

Find out how Kiana augments

your security capabilities without

incurring additional hardware cost.

Monitor People’s Behavior

Monitor People’s Behavior, Anticipate Threats, Enhance Safety

  • Be aware when visitors have arrived and departed. Know where they have been while on premise.
  • Receive real-time alerts based on person-of-interest or suspicious behavior tagging.
  • Distinguish different classes of employees, visitors and delivery personnel and understand their patterns and behavior in campus.
  • Empower security staff with real time visitor information to manage and coordinate response.

Augment Video Surveillance, Multiply Your Security Force

Augment Video Surveillance
  • Integrate video surveillance and location services to deliver an image to device association.
  • Set geo-zone segmentation and create actionable security alerts based on safety protocols.
  • Synchronize your existing security systems and automate real time alerts to follow your protocols and make effective decisions in the event of an emergency.

Image-to-Device association and presenceanalytics provides

invaluable insights into managing campuses.

Cost Effective Roll Out

Uses your existing camera and Wi-Fi infrastructure.
Enables next generation sensors in BLE LED lightbulbs Integrates with  People counting and security cameras.