• Opportunity assessment
    Happens to be the first phase, where we conduct due diligence with focused approach by project managers and stake holders. Requirements are determined, who & how the system/application/software will be used is assessed. These details are then analyzed for validity, followed with implementation and viability possibilities.
  • Designing software
    Designing software/system comes in next phase, which is prepared from the specification document prepared in the first phase. It helps in specifying hardware as well as system requirements, a way of defining the entire architecture of the project. This system architecture serves as the stepping stone for the next phase.
  • Coding and Implementation
    One of the lengthiest phases takes off, upon receiving the architecture of the entire system/project. The work here on is segregated in various modules/sites/units and the actual coding kick starts. This phase; though a kind of a back drop of all activities, is the most important as the real/actual coding is done here, yielding success in future.
  • Testing
    Testing is done on codes written, against the requirement specifications provided by the clients for quality assurance. Testing ensures the product actually meets the requirements gathered during the requirement phase. It comprises of Unit testing, integration testing, system testing and user acceptance testing, all of them really important for any project to succeed.
  • Deployment
    Deployment phase is where the project – in form of a kid is handed over; deployed at client's site, ready to enhance their brand image.
  • Maintenance
    Maintenance is one of the last, but an ongoing phase. Once the client starts using our software/application; that is when real life issues/scenarios start erupting. Our engineers 24*7 ensure that these issues get resolved as and when they arise.