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Cross-Platform mobile application development refers to the technique of making single codebase for applications that will be used on different types of operating systems. In this digital age, major businesses and brands are facing a great challenge of mobility support across various platforms and devices. As the number of devices in the market is increasing day by day, this challenge has become a serious threat for organizations those who have leveraged in a mobile platform.

Cross-platform app development frameworks have become the inevitable tools for the site developers as it requires less time and resources and development team has to designative apps for Android, Windows phone and iOS. Simultaneously, some of us use small and big sized screens with varied resolutions, touch screens or keyboards. So a cross platform app developer has to combine all these to create a new environment and we, the CloudZon have skilled professionals who can design a platform that increases revenue, which looks, function seamlessly on any platform, offers the same experience given by desktop on mobile devices, timely delivering to market with low costs and in a nutshell to design an app with all features that you are longing for. This makes us the best cross platform mobile app development organization not only in India but all over the world.

Our experienced team receives a request for bridging the two camps of iOS and Android always and they are skillful multi-platform app development specialists who can design powerful mobile applications using HTML, CSS, javaScript. Using open source frameworks like React Native, jQuery, AngularJS, SproutCore we do create unique cross-platform mobile applications like:

  • Android
  • Blackberry
  • Palm
  • iTouch
  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • Symbian

Our Cross-platform mobile development services include:

  • Mobile Web Application Development
    We are best at offering a native App in which the user interface has all the technologies used as those for the web.
  • Mobile Web Development
    We create a responsive design and HTML-5 based frameworks to allow fitting any sized screens of mobile devices.
  • Hybrid Mobile Application Development
    Avail our hybrid mobile app development services to have a native app that you can download and install from Google Play store or Apple’s App store and store in your mobile device just like any other apps. The basic difference is that some codes are being written in HTML5, CSS, javaScript and can be used in multi-platform devices.
  • React Native Application Development

    React Native is an open-source framework for building mobile applications using JavaScript and React.

    Advantages of using React Native:

    1. Cross-platform compatibility: React Native allows you to build apps that run on both iOS and Android platforms, using the same codebase.

    2. Faster development time: React Native's pre-built components and native modules allow for faster development times compared to building a fully native app.

    3. Access to native APIs: React Native provides access to native APIs, allowing for the creation of apps with native-like performance and experience.

    4. Strong developer community: React Native has a strong and growing community of developers who contribute to the development of the framework and the creation of third-party libraries.

    5. Easy to learn: React Native uses React, a popular JavaScript library, making it easier for web developers to learn and adopt.

If you need to hire a cross-platform mobile app developer who uses open source technologies, create customs apps using HTML5 and CSS3, who can provide tablet device and Smartphone features such as contacts, calendar, GPS, who creates a native lookalike design on mobile devices, who can assist with providing you app with Google Play store, Apple App store, Blackberry App World and support all mobile platforms including Android, Blackberry, iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Windows mobile, you have come to the right place. Experience our Cross-platform development services.

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