exhibition centers

Understanding visitor behavior is essential in optimizing venue operations, maximizing profits and providing safety & security for attendees.

Leverage visitor foot traffic, dwell times and density heat-maps to improve the visitor experience and create loyal customers for future visits.

Kiana cloud-based solutions uniquely offer Universal Device Detection and presence analytics provides invaluable insights into managing event venues and exhibition centers.

Improve Crowd Control

Improve Crowd Control

Understand real-time location and dwell times to optimize sales of merchandise and concessions.

Optimize Profits

Optimize Profits

Leverage real-time location and customer profile information to optimize marketing campaigns.

Enhance Safety

Enhance Safety

Improve emergency & evacuation planning based on typical foot-traffic and historical density heat-maps.

Maximize Visitor Traffic, Increase Real State Profitability

  • Understand visitor patterns with Kiana’s foot traffic analytics.
  • Continuously enhance your booth placement strategy and layout design by identifying higher profit areas with Kiana’s heatmaps.

Know your customer, Enhance Brand Awareness

  • Easily distinguish new customers vs. repeat and understand their patterns and behavior in store.
  • Collect customer information and engage with them through real-time alerts and promotions.

Decrease customer wait times,

improve your service efficiency, and increase your revenues

Effectively Manage Crowds and Venue Operations

Disorganized queuing, long waiting times and disconnected services lead to a poor customer experience and ineffective operations, affecting your business profits and exposing key service areas to unnecessary safety risks. Kiana visitor management solutions can help you address these issues by:

  • Predicting waiting times accurately
  • Providing predictive analysis & foot traffic analytics
  • Enables you to engage waiting customers, send alerts and messages
  • Improve customer flows and manage queues information

Cost Effective Roll Out

Uses your existing camera and Wi-Fi infrastructure.
Enables next generation sensors in BLE LED lightbulbs Integrates with  People counting and security cameras.

What Our Customers Say

“Kiana Engage delivers the ‘infonomics’ needed to increase exhibitor development and loyalty. We are able to show area transition analysis to roughly 5,000 exhibitors annually, providing them with real-time or historical analysis of their actual booth activity. For instance, we can show an auto manufacturer in real time how many visitors stopped, and for how long, to look at one car model versus another - as well as how many walked past the exhibit. The following year, the exhibitor can see which visitors were new versus repeat, helping to refine their marketing programs. It’s a great value-add,”

- Mr. Rudolf Anders, CIO, Messe Stuttgart.

Messe Stuttgart, one of Germany’s largest convention centers, draws more than one million visitors to lifestyle and consumer-focused events each year. The Center, which has 9 halls, and over 105,200 square-meters of meeting space, has been using Kiana since fall 2016 to improve operations, generate new business, and provide valuable marketing insight for exhibitors.