Understanding shopper behavior is essential to revitalizing the retail experience. Kiana’s engagement engine maximizes marketing investments and empowers better customer relationships.

Real-time data to understand shopper behavior while in stores is becoming increasingly important to compete with online digital marketing techniques.

Knowing foot-traffic patterns, dwell times, bounce rates are critical to understanding shopping behaviors.

Leveraging guest Wi-Fi services can assist in delivering customer loyalty programs, powering targeted marketing campaigns based on shopper profiles, and measuring marketing investments.

Engage Customers

Engage Customers, Increase Profits

  • Leverage guest Wi-Fi services to build customer loyalty programs and trigger marketing info during login.
  • Send real time targeted promotions and alerts.
  • Measure marketing ROI by knowing conversion and bounce rates.
  • Collect contacts for marketing campaigns to e.g. re-energize lost regular customers.
  • Understand visitor patterns with Kiana’s foot traffic analytics.

Know Visitors, Increase Real Estate Profitability

Empower Your Tenants
  • Enable rent management capabilities through Kiana visitor analytics on shopper behavior and visitor analytics.
  • Know which stores or departments are the most popular and use data to strategically rethink the types of stores that consumers will respond to.
  • Continuously enhance your kiosk and pop up store placement strategy and layout design by identifying higher profit areas with Kiana’s heatmaps.
Know your customer

Empower Your Tenants, Drive Traffic, Engage Customers

  • Provide your tenants with visitor and shopper analytics.
  • Easily distinguish new customers vs. repeat and understand their patterns and behavior in store.
  • Collect customer information and engage with them through real-time alerts and promotions.
  • Expand your database, measure marketing investments by knowing conversion and bounce rates.

Unlock the value of a store

and increase the value of your real estate.

Cost Effective Roll Out

Uses your existing camera and Wi-Fi infrastructure.
Enables next generation sensors in BLE LED lightbulbs Integrates with  People counting and security cameras.


Secure mobile PoS, over a multi-tenant network delivers efficiency for each tenant.

Integrated security end to end, reduces complexity and enables uniform wired/wireless policies.

Able to streamline surveillance infrastructure and dramatically reduce required staffing level.

Generating opt-in marketing list through sign on to captive portal, while protecting network better.

Using visitor presence data to optimize staffing levels and influence marketing strategy.

Prepared for and considering IoT – energy management systems already under network control.

What Our Customers Say

“The days of Wi-Fi zones are over. Our patrons appreciate Wi-Fi that is reliable and fast, so we’re giving it to them. Technology is a big differentiator for us. We’re investing to keep our customers as connected as they want to be, and our tenants as efficient as they can be.”

- Mall co-owner