Wifi location tracking software provides foot traffic analytics for better customer experience

Today, cities and downtowns offer a level of leisure and entertainment that cannot be satisfied online; including concerts, arts centers, spas, fitness clubs, and farmer’s markets. Safety concerns are real and is critical to have the right tools to act smarter in real-time emergency situations.

Kiana provides with foot-traffic, heatmaps and real-time engagement solutions to enable smart cities to strategically rethink the types of stores, services and events that will elevate the visitor/traffic experience.

We assess potential threats based on pattern recognition, anomalous behavior and trend analysis.

We augment your video surveillance to provide with device to image association at any given place and time.

We can automate notifications to your first responders, helping you synchronize your systems, security protocols and operations to make the right decisions in real time.

Increase Profits: Wifi location tracking software provides foot traffic visitor analytics

Empower Merchants and Land Lords to Increase Real Estate Profitability

  • Improve main-street sales by providing merchants with visitor analytics on density, popularity, dwell-time, frequency and recency.
  • Know which stores, restaurants, leisure spots, sports facilities, concerts or other businesses and experience events are most popular and use data to strategically rethink the types of commerce and life experiences consumers will respond to.

Attract People, Increase Traffic Flows

Increase traffic flows: Wifi location tracking and visitor analytics, real time event notification
  • Leverage guest Wi-Fi services to delight and inform visitors about events in real time.
  • Understand your people metrics for popular spots and events.
  • Leverage Wi-Fi guest services to delight and inform visitors to your community.

Kiana provides situational awareness and

it’s a force multiplier.

Safer and Smarter

Integrate video surveillance monitoring and wifi location traffic to deliver image to device association
  • Integrate video surveillance and location services to deliver image to device association.
  • Set geo-zone segmentation and create actionable security alerts based on safety protocols.
  • Synchronize your existing security systems and automate real time alerts to follow your protocols and make effective decisions in the event of an emergency.

Cost Effective Roll Out

Uses your existing camera and Wi-Fi infrastructure.
Enables next generation sensors in BLE LED lightbulbs Integrates with  People counting and security cameras.