With heavy foot-traffic and large square footage, densely populated theme parks can be a challenging environment to manage.

Understanding visitor behavior is essential in optimizing park operations and maximize space utilization.

Leverage visitor foot traffic, dwell times and density heat-maps to improve visitor experience.

Determine more and less popular areas in real-time to direct mobile sales vendors and targeted marketing.

Offer Social-WiFi login to captive visitor profile. Run social, mobile, and email marketing campaigns to enhance marketing and bring back visitors.

Effectively Manage Crowds and Queues

Effectively Manage Crowds and Queues

Disorganized queuing, long waiting times and disconnected services lead to a poor customer experience and ineffective operations, affecting your business profits and exposing key service areas to unnecessary safety risks. Kiana visitor management solutions can help you address these issues by:

  • Predicting waiting times accurately
  • Enables you to engage waiting customers, send alerts and messages
  • Improve customer flows and manage queues information

Optimize Visitor Traffic, Maximize Space Utilization

Optimize Visitor Traffic
  • Understand visitor patterns with Kiana’s foot traffic analytics.
  • Enable real-time marketing of under-utilized services and areas, e.g. restaurants.
  • Discover less popular areas to raise visibility through marketing messages, signage, etc.
  • Leverage guest Wi-Fi services to manage marketing programs.

Improve emergency & evacuation planning based on typical

foot-traffic and historical density heat-maps.

Cost Effective Roll Out

Uses your existing camera and Wi-Fi infrastructure.
Enables next generation sensors in BLE LED lightbulbs Integrates with  People counting and security cameras.


Reassign food and beverage carts to high density areas quickly.

Influence guests to visit other areas of park through offers.

Cut operating costs by allowing rides and stores to be opened or closed based on visitor density.

Provide real-time location-targeted food and merchandise promotions.

Generate qualified marketing list with zero cost of acquisition.

Engage fans to promote brand within their social circles.

What Our Customers Say

“We hoped to detect about 30% of visitors, but it turns out more like 60-80% of visitors have Wi-Fi enabled on their phones, this gives us amazing data for making real-time decisions about where to position mobile carts, or even which rides should be running immediately after park opening.”

- IT Manager, Theme Park

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